Clean Air Candles by RItual Tree //

Inspired by the trees and plants that clean our air. Candle containers are designed to be repurposed as planting pots, our labels are biodegradable plantable seed-infused paper made by a local artist, our wax is plant-based, and our wicks are natural, hand-braided cotton. 

- Sakura Springtime / fresh, light fragrance of blooming cherry blossoms are infused with elegant magnolia and rose. Hints of cherry and sandalwood deepen the nostalgic spring classic.

Adriatic Fig / earthy, clean, and slightly sweet, this sophisticated fragrance whispers of sun-ripened fruit and romance. Adriatic Fig is infused with Grapefruit, Patchouli, Orange, and Lemon natural essential oils.

Baltic Amber / cedar blended with dark mush and resinous amber gives Baltic Amber an old-world feeling, but it’s lightened by airy ozone and a hint of citrus..This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, patchouli, and clove leaf.

Juniper Breeze / crisp, earthy fragrance of rocky areas and old native-pine woodland is delightfully mixed with fresh green florals like lily and jasmine for a surprisingly fresh appeal.Our fragrance oil is infused with juniper essential oil.


Your candle comes with a handmade paper dust cover embedded with real wildflower seeds. 

  • Soak the seed paper in water

  • Fill your pot with soil

  • Plant paper, cover with soil

  • Water well

  • Place in sunny spot

Clean Air Candles

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